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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Calm Down when Upset or Angry..

I'm stressed!!
kalo aku..xdenyer aku gigit laptop..huhu.
so, i googling...and happy for what i found~
How to Calm Down when Upset or Angry

yeay!!, i will share to you the tips to throw away the stress~~shuh..shuh...shuh..stress go away please..:p

The articles said, when u are angry or upset..don't do the opposite of what your instinct are telling you. Maybe you want to kick, scream or maybe punch the wall!!, that's the wrong way to calm down..
When you are upset, releasing anger in a negative way will only result in more pain. so, the key is...learn how to calm down and find peace....peace no war kay..(^o^) 

  • First and need to BREATHE!! cannot begin to calm down until you take a few deep breaths.
  • Seconds..stay away from the person or things that cause your will not able to calm down if they still dancing around in front of your eyes!!..move away~find your own peaceful place..
  • Then, find a work or something that has nothing to do with your current that they can move your attention from that stupid things..
  • If all else fails, write your thought on paper..write out all the words as if you are confronting the situation in person. you may include all your nasty word~hehehe..but make sure that you will keep it safely after that..:p
  • If this situation is constant and frequent upset for you...try to learn some meditation techniques..and for Muslims, pray a lot to your GOD!!...He will hear you~
thats all....remember, when you find yourself upset, apply what you have learned...

coret2:.....and don't forget to BREATH!!!

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